We are a full service CLUB CAR AUTHORIZED DEALER specializing in Club Car utility vehicles and golf cars. We are One of the oldest golf cart dealers in S.E. Michigan going on 25 + years.  Being an authorized dealer means we are backed 100% by the factory for Service training, OEM Parts,Technical support,  sales and promotions.  Club Car hand chooses their dealers with strict standards, that is why there are not many AUTHORIZED dealers in the area.  There are Club Car “Sub Dealers” that are out there but the only requirement to achieve that is to buy carts and parts from a distributor,they do not deal with the factory at all,  so they are in no way an expert like an authorized dealer.

We offer warranties on all our new and reconditioned carts and service work on all the carts we sell.  When it comes to selling used golf carts, we want you to feel that you are getting your moneys worth plus!  We have set the standard for most newer dealers today!  Giving them a model of our 110% effort that goes into every cart we refurbish and sell.  We pride ourselves on the high quality accessories we use – knowing that your money goes farther with high quality American Made products and not cheap Chinese knock offs.   If we do use China manufactured items, we handpick and test before we offer them for sale, so you get HIGH QUALITY!  We may not be the cheapest, but we do have the HIGHEST quality your hard earned money deserves!

We started in 1998 before golf carts even became popular leading the way with our forward thinking.   When we started there was only one other dealer in S.E.  Michigan and a handful of used golf cart dealers throughout Michigan and the same for the aftermarket accessory industry.   For the consumer – golf carts were a luxury only for the well to do to have.  The golf cart manufacturer’s back then had no use for their used carts after the courses were through with them and we could buy a golf used cart for $500.   Since then, we have seen and helped the industry evolve by requesting new products to come to market.  Through working with all our manufacturer’s, both OEM and aftermarket,  we have helped form the industry into what it is today, giving them insight of what customer’s have wanted and needed.  We have seen the OEM golf cart manufacturer’s now sit up and take notice of what the market is for used golf carts and how it can benefit the average homeowner, camper, farmer, and industrial client.

We  remain today fiscally sound and will forge the way into the future with our strong values of quality and excellence, and will remain one of Michigan’s leading Club Car dealers offering one of the largest selections of both golf carts, electrics and in stock accessories and parts.