At Golf Carts Plus, we are all about high quality!  If it is not high quality and tested by us first, we do not offer it for sale.

In the same tradition of our golf carts, parts and accessories we are pleased to have selected Amish Ink and their Amish made plywood outdoor furniture with stainless hardware.  We have tested this furniture ourselves for over 5 years and no special care was taken.  It was outdoors for 5 solid years and not covered in the harsh Michigan winters and has never faded, warped or split and the comfort is remarkable.  Truly this is furniture that will last a lifetime!!

Click on the plywood tab and view our selections available.  Feel free to email us for a price.  You will find our grand opening specials unbeatable.  

All orders are custom built when ordered. Usually take 2-4 weeks top from the time of order to at our store and ready for pick up.

We hope you will enjoy your polywood furniture like we have!